Starbucks Rewards Changing On Friday 12th April


Just a reminder that major changes are coming to the Starbucks reward program starting on soon.  No longer will you have to annoy the baristas paying for your items individually for the extra stars as they will reward your stars based on the amount spent. You may want to make use of the various personalized offers they have sent out recently to get to Gold level or your latest reward if the new system doesn’t work for your spending habits and only have a few days to do so!

Currently you earn a star for each visit (or payment if you pay for each item separately). Starting in April, you will earn 2 stars for every $1 spent on drinks, food, mugs, accessories and more. When you get to 125 stars, compared to the 12 current stars, you will be able to redeem for a free reward – but only if you are a Gold member which means you need to earn 300 stars to be able to redeem anything.


To help Gold members, they will surprise you with a monthly double star day where you will earn 4 stars for every $1 spent and we will still receive bonus star offers in-store and personalized card offers.

If you are currently at the welcome level, they will upgrade you to Green level as the welcome level will no longer exist. Green and Gold members will keep their current status and any stars you currently have in your account will be multiplied by 11 when the new program takes effect in April.

Full details on the changes to My Starbucks Rewards can be found here.  Unless the offers are really good, I imagine it will take a while to get to 300 stars to be able to redeem, so you may want to start earning bonus stars in March that can be multiplied.

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