PC Optimum Offers: 3000 PC Optimum Points When You Buy PC Fully Cooked Chicken Strips or Nuggets

Check your PC Optimum offers for this week, as you may have this offer of 3000 PC Optimum points when you purchase PC Fully Cooked Pub Style Chicken Strips or Nuggets.

For those of you in the Atlantic provinces, you will benefit the most from this offer as they are on sale for just $4.99 at Real Canadian Superstore. In Ontario, although not advertised this week, I found them priced at $5.99 at Fortinos, the same price they were last week. They are also $5.97 at Zehrs.

If you prefer to purchase the PC Fully Cooked Pub Style Chicken Burgers these are also included in this points offer, even though it does not specify the burgers. Be sure to use this offer up  by Wednesday of this week, as this is not an offer that you will be able to save for the following week.

Click here to check your PC Optimum offers for this week.

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