No Frills or Food Basics Ontario: 6oz Raspberries 97 Cents After Coupon

This week at both No Frills and Food Basics Ontario, until January the 28th, 6oz of Raspberries are advertised for $1.97 each. If you are a member of the Driscoll’s Berry Community, you have the opportunity to participate in their Consumer Advisory Panel, and complete surveys for $1 off printable coupons. Use these coupons and pay for 97 cents for the raspberries, provided that they are the Driscoll’s brand of course.

If you would like to join the Driscoll’s Berry Community, you can visit them through the link below where a full explanation of their panel program is explained. In short, you will need product codes from participating products in order to complete the surveys. The more surveys you complete, the greater the reward. When you complete 16 or more surveys, you will begin receiving a coupon for $1 off a Driscoll’s product for every survey you complete.

What could make this an even better deal, is when you factor in potential PC points. Many PC Plus members receive personal offers of bonus points for raspberries, so be sure to check your account!

Click here to join the Driscoll’s Berry Community.


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